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Three Sweepers at Vegetable Market #00186

Coney Pulla

We are three friends from three different families. We are 55 to 70 years old. The shirts we are wearing is our uniform. We work as a private sweeper for government in this huge market yard. Our job begins from 3am to 7am and, 8am to 2pm. We sweep the roads back to back every hour collecting garbage and trash. While we were taking our morning break at 7am, we met Coney and Corbin at the market. Luckily Coney speaks our language so we started communicating. It was great to see someone stood there talking with us and hearing our words than some others who just walk away from us. Most of the people treat us sweepers like we are untouchables but Coney and Corbin, spoke to us, bought us some tea, snacks and appreciated our efforts. We don’t expect anything from people but we only expect self-respect and some love. We saw that from Coney and Corbin. Thanks to them and to all of you. Because of you all, we received a 25 kilos rice which will feed each of our families for a week. God bless Rice Love and we hope that they bless many more like us too.

- Vegetable Market | Bangalore

This 25 kilos of rice was given by YOU through the following 25 items:

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