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Mandapuram Family #00125

Coney Pulla

I am Kumar and this is my family. We are four family members. Me, my wife Jyothi, my mother and mentally disabled sister. I work as a driver and I earn $140 per month/ Rs 10000. Of which, Rs 4000/ $60 is an expense for our house rent. We had a hope to provide assistance and medical treatment for my sister. It gets quite difficult with the money I earn. With minimal money I earn, we use it to pay for our living expenses and survive as a family. However, with your purchase of the bag we are able to turn our hope into reality. We are now going to save enough money to start medical treatment for my sister. Our struggle is real but with the love from you has made us much stronger. We thank you for your purchase and we thank Rice Love for making this happen. Rice Love gave us 20 kilos of rice which will feed us for 25 days. 

- Kumar | Hyderabad

This 20 kilos of rice was given by YOU through the following 20 items:

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