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Manda Family #00116

Coney Pulla

My name is Manda Sujatha and this is my daughter in law Manda Sravya. My son Manda Yadagiri is our bread winner. He works as a coolie, in other words a farmer for a landlord. His work is not permanent and he will have to work when there is work. We make Rs 5800/- a month and we love each other. We have a beautiful house that we live in and we cherish each moment here. Trials are somethings that we do have every month especially at the end of the month. We have to sleep empty stomachs to ensure that our baby gets enough food. But I guess, with your help and with your purchase of these bags we are being fed with 20 kilos of rice this month. This 20 kilos of rice will help our family survive for more than 20 days. We thank you for your support and your love. Thank you Rice Love and God bless you.

- Sujatha | Hyderabad, Telangana

This 20 kilos of rice was given by YOU through the following 20 items:

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