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Dakkatha Family #00131

Coney Pulla

I am Tarakeshu and this is my family. I have a beautiful daughter who is able to go to school. Sometimes, when the school tuition is not paid she is sent home and I don't complain that. Because, I am a laborer by profession and I earn $120 per month. Out of which, $30 is for our house rent and the remaining money is to ensure that our family survives. In fact, my wife started working as a maid in a house but even then financial instability exposes us to do nothing for our child. We always had hope that we could save money for my daughter but the possibility of doing it have been minimal. But with your help and with your purchase, Rice Love gave us 20 kilos of rice which is quite sufficient for us a family for over 25 days. We thank you for your purchase with Rice Love and we want to thank Rice Love for turning our hopes into reality.

- Tarakeshu | Hyderabad, India

This 20 kilos of rice was given by YOU through the following 20 items:

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