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Bodda Family #00083

Coney Pulla

Bodda Family #00083

My son in law was the breadwinner for the family. He was a truck driver, a hard worker and always working for family. His income was the source of survival for our family. But to our shock, one day we heard that he was arrested and sent to prison in the city. We don’t have enough finances and resources to pursue the reason behind why he was arrested. The minute my daughter heard that her husband was arrested, she couldn’t bear that pain anymore and so she killed herself leaving behind a ‘mentally challenged daughter’ and a young son with me. Now, although I am over 65 years old I work for my family as a maid and I find joy as I work for my grand kids. Many complain about me working at this age but now I see a purpose of my living even at this age. In these times, I had you guys come and give us a 20 kilos bag of rice. It's more than what we have ever received from anyone. Thank you so much again and I hope you bless many more lives in giving them hope from hunger and trouble times. I know that there are thousands of families out there just like me. Please continue your kind efforts. God bless ya’ll.

- Ailamma | Telangana

This 20 kilos of rice was given by YOU through the following 20 items:

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